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More Hawkeye gushing

Wow. The art is just … Incredible. Much much more stark (hee) than the Ultimate Avengers vol 1 I borrowed from my brother. I’m starting to get why people would find an artist and writer and follow everything they write. I love love love this Clint Barton. His inner voice is *fabulous*. I bet it sounds a lot like Barney. God, I just - *Clint*. I want to fix this by bringing in Coulson. I am reading this and I am getting so many feels from masterpieces like SHIELD Has Paperwork for Everything, where Clint tried to do something on his own and Coulson says “I’ve seen the way you fill out paperwork. Please, do not try to do my job for me” 616 Clint needs a handler for his real life. He needs Nat and Phil and BACKUP. And I get why we aren’t seeing the other Avengers here, this is Clint doing his own thing. But he comes across like such a lone, sad wolf. And as in Paperwork for Everything, Nat says he’s like those little birds that when they leave the colony they die of the cold. I know Kate Bishop is in the later comics, but Clint doesn’t need a kid. He needs another adult. Everyone needs a dog, though. Obviously ;)

(lol: Kate Bishop.  BISHOP.  Lol)