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Hawkeye #2

K: just read #2.  First: Clint in a suit is awesome.  Second: Clint UNCOMFORTABLE in a suit is super awesome.  Third: Clint KICKING ASS in a suit with the bowtie undone just MADE MY DAY.

Definitely enjoying Kate.  I’m getting a real “Molly Carpenter” feel off her.  Love the end with the ‘to do’ list, too. 

I really appreciate the small mentions to the background, too.  As someone new to comics and whose read Clint’s history but mostly on wikipedia and such, its nice to see some of this in context.  It’s strange because Clint’s still a young guy, so I’m guessing their condensing his history a lot.  But in one issue they managed to mention most of the highpoints of Clint’s past … several … years as an Avenger.  And they did it in a way that clearly emphasizes how Clint is clearly not comfortable with the attention. 

Work is … work.  Like Clint feels more pride for the things he does outside of work that when ‘on the job’.

I’m really struck by the way he is running a lot of this on his own.  No thought at all to call for backup.  I get, again, that this is 616 Clint and not movie!Clint.  But .. god .. the line about the Avengers HMO canceling his health insurance if they found out about the wheelchair thing?  THAT BROKE MY HEART.  Because Coulson would NOT let that happen.  He would probably be trying not to laugh at the stunt, and be a little upset at the same time, but he would have Clint’s back on that.  And that is something simple.

I need to go back and read I Am Stretched On Your Grave by shadowen again.  I just .. that last one?  NEED THAT RIGHT NOW.

Any other Clint from 616 and Coulson fics?  Seriously need some H/C after reading this.